Ableton 12, consternation and procrastination

Created: Mar 7, 2024 | B quality | Mid importance

Ableton Live version 12 was released this week [first week of March 2024]. By all accounts it's a great update, with new instruments and an improved interface, while maintaining the basic interface and workflows that we're all familiar with. I actually pre-ordered the software a few months ago when I read those first preliminary reviews and they were positive. I figured, why cause myself indecision when the package actually came out? Just pre-order it now, spend the money, and when it comes out I can download it and instantly be in music-making Nirvana.

Well we wouldn't be here if that had actually happened.

This past Monday, the day before Live's release, I got an email from Ableton letting me know that my license had been activated and I would be able to download the software soon. I started having some serious introspection about the state of my music-making and the things I wanted to do. I felt like it was finally time to "come out of retirement" and start making music again by any means necessary.

Suffice it to say, that hasn't happened. Instead, I've been possessed by a crippling anxiety and sense of dread. Basically what has happened is that I have all the tools I need to make music. Everything is there, completely capable, ready for me to take the reigns and do something great. This wealth of possibility though, rather than be empowering, is downright terrifying. All that's standing in the way between me and my music is myself, and that's the most frightening thing of all. No excuses, no one to blame.

Hopefully I can get over this initial existential dread and start making music again soon!


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