Outside a Digital Garden

Created: Nov 26, 2022 | Updated: Oct 5, 2023 | FA quality | Top importance

Hi, I'm Travis Briggs and you've stumbled upon my digital garden. Or maybe you were forced to come here by the various military robots I have deployed across the web, who knows. Either way, welcome! If you're interested in what I'm thinking or working on, feel free to walk through the garden gate, which is arranged kind of like a knowledge graph of pages or nodes. You should be able to use the backlinks to find other nodes that linked to the one you're reading.

I'm trying to follow the principles of digital gardening here. I intend to cast a wide net of potential topics, then I will hopefully link some of these concepts together and grow the garden over time.

This garden is also (finally!) available as a Gemini capsule at gemini://gem.travisbriggs.com.

The source code for this garden is available, and I'm tracking issues to improve it. It is based on Eleventy Garden which is based on Eleventy.


Garden Gate


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