Compost pile

Created: Nov 13, 2023 | Updated: Dec 16, 2023 | B quality | Mid importance

I've struggled against Reverse Chronological Order, but I've still found myself replicating it in my collection of previously published blog posts and even a new TIL section I created just for this site. Why, why must we repeat the mistakes of the past?

In the meantime, I've felt handcuffed from adding new content to this Garden. While I thought I would be writing a bunch of evergreen posts, I ended up being shackled by the fact that when I had an idea of something to write about, I couldn't think of anywhere to link it from! So I had all these ideas for garden "nodes", but no "place in the garden" for them.

For this reason, I've created this "Compost pile". Maybe compost is a bad word, because it implies decay. On the other hand, it also implies new growth. The idea is to stick a bunch of random thoughts here, as a place to link my new nodes from. If they eventually grow into something greater, than I can hopefully "plant" them somewhere else in the garden. If not...well at least they're not in Reverse Chronological Order.

I'm surprised by how many people who I consider "open source advocates" and "free software crusaders" are still comfortable using Github.

On my quest for comments I learned a bit about ActivityPub.

Trying to organize my thoughts on genres and how they affect my music practice.


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