Plans for the digital garden

Created: Dec 11, 2022 | Updated: Jun 1, 2024 | B quality | Mid importance

Here I'd like to discuss some of my plans, hopes, aspirations and whatnot for this digital garden. I've documented some of the more technical issues on the garden's Github repo. But I guess what I want to do here is talk more about what I plan to write about, how I plan to organize things.

I'm trying to do all this in accordance with my interpretation of the digital gardening principles.

I added a now page, which I think is some kind of progress. Now (see what I did there?) I need to make sure I keep it updated. That's the struggle in general with this garden, is that if I don't have something new to say or some idea to convey, I don't spend much time "tending" it. So far, my compost pile is a good step in the direction of eschewing reverse chronilogical links at least.

I still want to move the content in my blog posts into more organic topic pages. Some of them, like "What programming language should I learn?" lend themselves nicely to that. But others, where I'm just randomly complaining about music production or something, I'm not sure how to work them in. Maybe that's the fun!

I think the spirit of the thing is that it grows organically, like a real garden.

I definitely already have a bunch of "Stub" and "Start" quality articles that I could expand upon. Not sure what exactly to do there other than simply write a Wikipedia article on the topic (like DistroKid). I read in Andy Matuschak's "Evergreen Notes" that Evergreen notes should be concept-oriented which I think I'm not exactly following, because I've developed lots of garden "nodes" that are nouns.

Also Andy says that Evergreen notes should be densely linked which I knew intuitively, but I hadn't really been following. I think I need to actively seek out and link together my nodes (and no, I'm not going to belabor the analogy and start calling them "plants" or "seeds").


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