The garden gate

Created: Nov 25, 2022 | Updated: Nov 13, 2023 | GA quality | Top importance

I'm trying desperately to resist the urge to write this entire website as a choose-your-own adventure game. Must, resist.

But here we are, at the garden gate. It is not particularly ornate. Pretty utilitarian in fact, made of simple iron and a bit over six feet tall.

Peeking ahead, you can see a bunch of records for sale, or at least on display. You also hear a band playing somewhere in the garden. It's impossible to miss the huge amount of power extension cords and other wires darting through the gate, laying on the ground, and even going up over the walls of the garden. Whatever is going on here requires plenty of electricity it would seem.

There are signs here, one of an elephant/mammoth type creature that reads: Another has a picture of what you instantly recognize as an octocat, and it says @audiodude.

You also see what looks like a disheveled madman rambling to himself about blogging.

There is a bulletin board here, with a bunch of post it notes that all start with Today I Learned.... There's also a live digital display telling you about things that are going on right now.

In the corner of the garden, there is a large smelly compost pile.

If you pick up the entire garden and flip it around (how did you do that?!?), you can read some of the plans for the thing.


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