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Travis Briggs is a software developer, amateur musician, and digital gardener (formerly blogger). All of these skills come together on his personal website, located at travisbriggs.com. He has a BS in Computer Science with a minor in music from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester MA, USA.

Travis specializes in developing software using frontend technologies such as HTML/CSS and Javascript/Typescript. He enjoys programming in his spare time as well, and is the primary maintainer of the Wikipedia WP 1.0 Bot, which has the most all time edits to English Wikipedia. Understanding the value of a quality mentor, he also tutors students and adults in Computer Science for free.

Travis has released a single and an EP under the moniker "Danger Third Rail", which are available on many online music stores. Previously, Travis has performed at open mic nights and as a busker in Cambridge, MA USA.

Travis currently lives with his amazing wife Abby and cuddly cat Shekel in San Francisco CA USA.


You can always email me at audiodude@gmail.com.

My current Mastodon link is @audiodude@sfba.social.

Here is my Github profile.


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