New Danger Third Rail EP

Created: Aug 9, 2018 | Updated: Jan 25, 2023 | GA quality | High importance

I suppose if I announce a new Danger Third Rail project on a blog site, and then post that to Mastodon, it's not going to make a very big splash. I'm okay with that, I expect as much. I don't expect anyone to know what Danger Third Rail is, nevermind that I'm the "mastermind" behind it.

I almost just wrote "I really want..." but then backspaced the hell out of it. I know that such statements are weak in terms of both intention and motivation. What I will say is this: I will release a new 5 song Danger Third Rail EP before the end of this year.

The songs are all written, that's for sure. They are largely recorded, as well. I need to go back and re-record some of the vocals with a new setup that I've recently learned works better. Then I need to send the tracks to my session drummer in the UK, presuming she has time to work on them. After that I plan on having Tunedly do the mixing and mastering. I might create the album artwork myself this time, or have it done on Fiverr like I did last time (or some combination of the two). Then it's just a matter of uploading everything to DistroKid and having it float through the tubes to your waiting Spotify and iTunes apps.

I'm also going to promote this new material thoroughly. Like email it to music blogs and such. And make YouTube lyric (or otherwise) videos for each one of the songs.

I think I was afraid of doing this before, and I'm not sure of the reason. I'm not ashamed of the music, quite the opposite, I'm very proud of it. I think that knowing I'm going to promote the music means I have to do a better job of producing it, and that's scary. But I'm committed to doing it. I want to put the best possible product out there, and I want people to listen to it. I'm not going to be satisfied with the random 20 people who listened to the last single or whatever. I'm not going to dump my hard work and passion into a black hole.

Follow Danger Third Rail on Bandcamp to get the official word when the new EP is available. Thanks!


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